Beaufort Bed Bugs Removal

Exterminate - Kill - Bed Bugs with  Thermal Heat Treatment in  Beaufort, SC.

Beaufort is an area with a lot of military and students. Both of them are somewhat transient and are exposed to bed bugs frequently. They can be brought in furniture,used clothes, visitors. etc. You can also pick them up traveling in hotels and resorts. With our K9 Bed Bug Detection Team we can accurately define the absence or presence of bed bugs in the early stages. Don't wait until they have spread eggs and nymphs in your home or business. Give us a call today even if you just hve questions or concerns. We have many years experience and can advise you properly about the situation you find yourself.

Bed Bug Dogs - K9 Inspections

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Our Bed Bug Dogs are specially trained to accurately find any bed bugs in a structure. Take the guesswork out and find out now. Waiting until they become noticeably visual is not the way to deal with them.
We can inspect and give you an estimate and set up a treatment date. There is some prep work and it must be a team effort to be successful. Also if you know how bed bugs entered your home you must avoid those type situations to make sure it does not repeat itself. One thing worse than having bed bugs is having them multiple times.
We have over 10 years experience dealing with Cimexa Lectaurus (Bed Bugs). They first reinfested the northeast area and have spread throughout the country. With so much travel they have spread rapidly through hotels, resorts, and any transient situation. Educate yourself on how they are transferred and try to avoid those situations if possible. Don't throw furniture away and have a pro take a look at it. Many times we have clients that are convinced they have bed bugs however many times it is another issue causing the problem. Follow the proper protocol and you are less likely to get burned by bed bugs.
Clark Pest Remedy hs the experience, knowledge,training and equipment to properly eliminate bed bugs in tour home or business.
​Multi-Unit Properties are our specialty. With our K9 Bed Bug Dogs we can let you know which units have activity so you can invest in the right area. So much money is wassted on Bed Bug Treatments due to inaccurate inspections.
We also use encasements on the mattresses and box springs to
1. Give a 2nd line of defense due to thickness and density of mattresses and box springs.
2.We also use some materials during treatment. Buy installling the encasements at the end of process you can be assured of not touching any type of material.
3.You are also disallowing any future bugs from being able to get to their favorite nesting place. If there is an issue it makes it much easier to detect and solve.