Bed Bug Dog K9 Inspections in Hilton Head, Beaufort, Hardeeville Areas

Bed Bugs K9 Inspections in Hilton Head, SC. Area

Our K9 Bed Bug Dogs can accurately inspect a strucuture for bedbug activity. We can do multi-unit housing with speed and accuracy.
If you have a facility with multiple housing you can have us SWEEP the rooms and common areas for bed bug activity. This helps manage the bed bug situation.  Senior Housing can be very challenging to keep under control.
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The Dogs are Specially Trained to respond to live bed bugs and viable eggs. Many people are skeptical but don't understand a dogs scent capabilities. The Dogs scent is their number one sense. Their vision is 3rd behind hearing. We are vision as thats our number one sense. We even speak in terms of vision. "You should seen that man yesterday " If a Dog could talk they would say "you should have smlled that man yesterday ".
The Handler of the Team is the Major definer of how succesful the Team is. The Handler takes the dog(s) home with them at night and on weekends. They are fully responsible for the animals health and well being. Along with that are many exercises to kep them calibrated properly. These exercises also strengthen the confidence level of both the handler and the K9.

Bed Bug Dogs At Work 

Lilly, Abby, and Aaron 
These are youtube videos showing our dogs at work or doing exercises. They love to work. It's like playing a game to them. Their facial expressions are priceless. They are so proud when they find them.