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Bed Bugs - What Are They ?

Bed Bugs are a small insect about the size of an appleseed at full adult stage. They lay eggs which are easily trasferred on cloth or items to other locations. The Eggs hatch into the Nymph First Stage. These must have a host meal before they can progress into the Second Stage. There are 5 stages of Nymph before adulthood. In each case they will shed their skins leaving them behind. The females are a constant egg laying maching. They can get out of control rather quickly and are very frustrating to deal with. They are also very resistant to pesticides making them even harder to eliminate than most pests. Their fecal stains look just like a Sharpie marker mark.

by: Garey Clark
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Bed Bugs Inspection - Very Important

Before Clark Pest Remedy can treat a bed bug infestation in Hilton Head, it is important to know where the Bed Bugs are coming from. If your home or business shares walls with other tenants, it is possible that your bed bugs started elsewhere and can potentially re-infest the structure after treatment. Clark Pest Remedy will send one of our expert, state-licensed technicians will perform a thorough walk-through of your home or business.

Once we determine the source and scope and the infestation, we will customize a plan of action for you.